2023 Photo Album

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2023 TGC Officers. Bev H. representing President Linda F., VP Patrick H., Karol C. representing Corr. Secy. Judi M., Recording Secy. Onita F., Advisor Barb L., Treasurer Jeanne B.

TGC members supporting the 2023 TGC Officers

January Speaker Jean Persely, BMO Logistics

February Speaker George Papadelis and his wife Jan, Telly's Nursery
March speaker, Laurie Tennent of LT Botanicals
April speaker, Peter Carrington from MSU Beal Botanical Garden
Members Pat B. and Lenore T.
THV garden, maintained by Jennifer G. and Elaine F.
THV Memorial Garden, maintained by Linda F.
Member Dave B. working on Russian Sage, THV
Members Patrick H. and JoAnn P. with their THV garden
Member Tina D. & Master Gardener Tokiko, THV gardens
Daffodils at the Troy Library, maintained by the TGC
Daffodils4Detroit, on Belle Isle
More Daffodils on Belle Isle
"One World...I see Michigan Stars" by Nordin Brothers, Belle Isle
Food drive for Troy People Concerned - JoAnn P.
Last gardening day at Troy Historic Village - Suzanne S., Linda F., Pat D., Ken H.
Troy Historic Village Trick or Treat - Linda F., Carole P., Cindy O.
Troy Historic Village Trick or Treat - Cindy O., Karol C., Carole P., Debe H.
Festival of Trees - Dave B. representing Mary B.'s tree
Festival of Trees - Karol C.
Festival of Trees - Jackie W.
Festival of Trees - Judy F.
Festival of Trees - Jennifer G.
Festival of Trees - Debe H.
Festival of Trees - Elaine F.
Festival of Trees - Mary S.
Festival of Trees - Judi M.
Festival of Trees - JoAnn P.
Festival of Trees - All of our tree trimmers!
President Linda F. announcing the Volunteer of the Year winners:  Jackie W. and Patrick H.
Volunteer of the Year winners: Jackie W. and Patrick H.
Troy High Concert Choir serenading TGC members
 Troy High Concert Choir and TGC members singing The 12 Days of Christmas (gardener version)
 Director Adrienne Covian and the "Five Handsome Farmhands"
President Dave B. and his wife Mary
Volunteers for hanging of the Greens at Troy Historic Village